Yes, it's true! A breast augmentation can be done with no scars on or around the breasts! This state-of-the-art technique creates no new scars on a woman's body. Everyone has one scar on their body - the navel. By placing an incision in the depths of the bellybutton, we are now able to augment the breasts without leaving any telltale evidence of the surgery. The incision that is made in the bellybutton heals with a scar, however, it is actually a scar on a scar and the result is a practically invisible remnant of the surgery.

After the vertical incision is made in the navel, Dr. Elkins passes a baton-like device under the skin in the subcutaneous tissue (not inside the abdomen) from the navel upward to the bottom of the breast beneath the breast tissue. This introducer is a hollow tube with an obturator (solid core) that is removed once it is beneath the breast tissue. Dr. Elkins then inserts an endoscope (a long pencil-shaped telescope) into the introducer so that he can visualize exactly where the placement of the implant will be. The introducer and endoscope are then removed and another instrument is passed through the tunnel, which is used to separate the breast tissue from the underlying muscle. This forms a pocket for the implant under the breast tissue. A deflated implant is passed through the channel into the pocket. Saline is passed through a fill tube, which is attached to the implant. After the implant is filled, the tube is removed and WOW! What a difference!

This procedure causes little trauma to the body and post-operatively the patients complain of minimal discomfort. There is no burning of tissue, there is practically no bleeding, and there is practically no chance of injuring the nerves to the nipples. Nothing is cut underneath breast or in the surrounding tissues, the implant simply creates space for itself by blunt dissection. This amazing procedure usually takes no more than 45 minutes to perform when done by a skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Elkins.

The average person can return to work the day after surgery although Dr. Elkins recommends that they take one day to rest. The dressings are removed in twenty-four hours and the breasts look a little too full and too stiff for about another forty-eight hours. Usually, in three to four days the patient's breasts have achieved the shape and softness that had been anticipated.

The results are instant and since the technique causes such little trauma to the body the problem of firmness of the breasts after breast augmentation is virtually non-existent. Since all saline filled implants are man-made devices that contain a self-sealing valve, the implants can sometimes leak. This is a very rare situation but if the implants did leak, the body would absorb the saline and since saline is a normal body component there is absolutely no harm done because of this. If there is leakage, the implants can be changed through the umbilical approach.

This technique is a very difficult one to learn because it involves using the technique of endoscopy and because much of the surgery is done by "feel" and not direct visualization of the tissue. This is different from the standard surgery that most surgeons perform and consequently, involves a whole new way of doing surgery. Once the technique is mastered, however, it is far superior to the standard open surgical techniques because it is more precise and causes much less trauma to the body.

Very few physicians have taken time to learn this technique as Dr. Elkins has and very few have purchased the extensive and expensive equipment necessary to perform this technique safely.

Dr. Elkins is currently the only physician in Arkansas and one of the few physicians in the mid-United States that perform this surgery. Dr. Elkins likes to call this surgery "happy surgery" because the patients are always so happy and feel so much better about themselves after they have it done. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss or schedule this amazing surgery with Dr. Elkins please call 1-800-424-5033. Keep in mind that Endoscopic Scarless Breast Enlargement can be done in conjunction with other procedures such as liposuction or removal of excess wrinkles and saggy skin above the navel or a tummy tuck. It never hurts to ask!